Lilo and Stitch Costume


Stitch costume is inspired by the animation movie released in 2002, “Lilo and Stitch .” It is a science fiction comedy-drama film. Lilo is a character of this movie, a young girl raised by her older sister Nani after her parent’s death. Stitch, an Extraterrestrial entity, escaped his prison, trying to impersonate a dog. Lilo takes him home without knowing the danger he poses. Their friendship blossoms as Lilo starts a family with alien visitors like Stitch. They taught each other the meaning of family.

 In this film, lilos outfit is very laid back. Lilo wears a different outfit, but she is most often seen wearing a red floral dress and Hawaiian sandals. Stich is a furry blue alien.

You can make your DIY Stitch costume

Take your old blue t-shirt or dress. Cut the dress and stitch it according to your size. To create a design on the back of the dress, take a piece of dark blue felt, cut out the design and glue it onto the back of your dress. Next, draw a belly and paint it dark blue to create the stitch belly. Next, the pink and blue felt in the year’s shape to create the ear cut. Glue the ears onto the hairbands and make sure they are secure. And your stitch costume is ready! You can amplify the dress by using face paint to create the nose and add a tail on the back.

Lilo costume

Lilos dress is fundamental, and you can make it by yourself. Take your red dress, and paint with white hibiscus floral print. Lilo has long black hair. If you don’t have it, you can use a long wig with bangs to get the same look. It would help if you had classic Hawaiian sandals with black or brown straps to complete this look—level up the Hawaiian vibes with a Lei necklace. Finally, you can wear a green leaf skirt, leaf crown, bracelets, and anklets to make her hula costume.

You can pair up this costume with your dog. For example, you can dress like Lilo and dress your pet like Lilo. This cute outfit idea is best for this Halloween.

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