Plus Size Nacho Libre Costume


Nacho libre costume can be the best idea to try out this Halloween. This costume is not only humorous but also inspiring. This costume is inspired by the movie “Nacho Libre .”A young caring boy named Ignacio always wanted to become a professional wrestler, fulfill his dream, and help others. A simple boy was chasing his dream-like most of us. This character inspires us to dream more and chase for them. This wrestler’s costume is interesting enough to make your Halloween fun. He doesn’t wear a shirt but wears bright blue leggings red underwear on the top of it like a superman with a mustache and curly hair. This costume includes Men’s compression pants, Red underwear, a pair of red wrestling boots, blue leggings or tights, a signature red cape, and a red mask. It would help if you also had red patches to iron on your leggings to complete this look. You can also use a false mustache to complement this iconic look.

 You can make this costume at your home. Here are some ideas to make this costume by yourself without spending much for this Halloween:

How to make a Nacho Libre costume

Collect your blue leggings from your closet. If you don’t have any blue leggings, you can try them with your white ones and use a dye to make them blue and let them dry. To make the red underwear cut your red tights across the top of your legs to make it short. Tuck them with red fabric from the other part of your tights to color your boots. Attach white laces with the boots. Wear your red shorts over your blue leggings, wear a false mustache and a curly hair wig if you prefer. Wear your boots, tie your laces, put on the red cape, and you are done! 

It can also be more fun if you try a couple of costumes. If you are a girl, dress up like sister Incarnation, the Nun he was in love. To dress like Nun, you should consider wearing a long black skirt with a long-sleeved black shirt together. The dress should not be tight and short, and wear a veil. And you are ready to go out with your partner, dressing like Nacho and have fun.

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