Adult Michael Myers Costume for Halloween


Michael Myer is the scariest character from the movie “Halloween,” released in 1978 by John Carpenter. It is the story of a psychopath who had a disturbing childhood. Every night he had nightmares that weren’t normal, which ultimately affected his life. First, he killed his sister, who was babysitting her very young. Then, he stabbed his sister to death. After this incident, he was sent to a mental asylum and spent many years there. A few years later, he escaped from the asylum and returned to take revenge. He went back to his home to kill the rest of his family members. Finally, he appeared on Halloween night. No matter how many times he was shot, stabbed, or caught on fire, he always returned to finish his job. You can get his horrified look for this Halloween. The look is a good idea to try this look perfect for Halloween, easy to carry and fun to wear.
When dressing up as Michael Myers, all you need is a charcoal coverall with two front pockets, blue. But, of course, this look isn’t complete without a signature mask. Shiny boots with a bloody kitchen knife will complete this look. To make this look even scarier, you can use some fake blood in the knife and dress. The dress will give a crazy realistic vibe.

How to dress like Michael Myer

The signature creepy mask is the main point of attention of this look. You can find this mask in any costume shop. You can also find the exact coverall and boots there. You can also create this look without going to any shop. For the mask, you can use white face paint on your face. If you want to hide your face behind the mask, use a cheap plastic mask and dye it white. This DIY mask will work for this look. Fix your hair with some hair gel to make them stand upright. You can use a wiry brown wig as well. Wear the coverall and boots and grab a knife straight from your kitchen. Use red paint on the knife to make it look like fake blood. To make this look more realistic, change your body posture tilt your head slowly to one side while talking. As Michel doesn’t talk much, talk less and walk stiffly. And you will exactly look like Michael.

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