Best Grinch costume for adult


Dr. Seuss created the character of The Grinch in the children’s book” How the Grinch Stealing Christmas” The Grinch costume can be an attractive Halloween costume as one of many new cultural icons for the 21st century. The famous song “you are mean one, Mr. Grinch…” It has gotten more play since the Hollywood Adaptation of the original Dr. Seuss character who wanted more than anything to ruin Christmas. The Grinch is the resident of Whoville who lives with his dog high above the Whos on Mount Crumpit and is a who, hater. He also hates townsfolk and Christmas. So, Cindy Lou, a six-year-old girl, sets out to reform him. You can dress up like this iconic character on Halloween

He is known as the fictional green color. He looks like a pear-shaped and hairy human with a snub-nosed. A lot of accessories are necessary to portray this iconic character. The costume consists of a Santa Claus jacket, Green leggings, a green bodysuit with fur, a red hat, a red belt, green fur hand, and foot covering. Complete this look with a mask. If you are a fan of this character, you can try this look for this Halloween.  

How to Dress like Grinch

You can apply green makeup or face paint on the face to create this greenish look. Spray the hair with the green color, or use a green-colored wig. A green sweatpants will complement this look. Grinch has a yellow eye. You can use a yellow contact lens to look precisely like him. You can wear a Santa suit with s reed Christmas hat.

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