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Lilo and Stitch Costume is a trendy alien costume for Halloween. It has rabbit-like ears with a hood. Stitch is a character inspired by a movie with a trend to wear on Halloween. If you want this stitch costume for Halloween, everyone in the family can wear it together. In this movie, there is a girl character who loses everyone in her family in an accident. Then, A mad scientist’s dog later captured him. After her parents died, Baby Sitter was unable to take care of her properly, and her grandmother hired a dog to look after her. Her grandmother would leave her with the dog and work in a restaurant. A mad scientist came to that restaurant and created chaos. In this incident, Grandma lost her job. They meet an alien named Stitch hiding in the woods. This alien character helps them escape. Since he has to go through many ups and downs, his character’s costume is later worn by many on Halloween.

They have made attempts to create a medieval plot in the movie. Many things from outside the world have highlighted in this movie. The alien character is already prevalent among the youth of America. In the first release, the audience accepted the film. It’s an enjoyable feeling when you surprise your friends on Halloween after a stitch costume.

You can go to other events with the Lilo & Stitch costume later. Imagine for a second; it transformed you into the karmic-driven world of Earl. Your baby will be shocked to see you. Only a costume can give you this feeling. Order now so that it reaches your home before next Halloween. If you want you can buy this costume for everyone in the family. Everyone in your family can surprise your neighbors on Halloween.


Polyester, spandex


Spot clean




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