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Best Grinch costume for adult

Grinch is a character specially used as a cosplay costume during Christmas. This outfit is used to represent Santa Claus as a Halloween celebration. It’s a comic character firstly seen in 1957 at a children’s comic book.

Material of Grinch costume for adult

This costume is made with 100% polyester with artificial fur and velvet. The green color properly represents the actual Grinch character created by Seuss.

Zipper Jacket

A Red Santa Claus zipper jacket is included with this Grinch costume for adults. This jacket will transform you instantly from a human to a Halloween character.


The Grinch costume package included Green Furry High Stretch Waist Pants full of Green Fur will create an environment like an animal.


Latex mask is with the costume. Mask will convert your face to a horrible monster with a realistic look.


A Red Santa hat with an adult suit also creates a Christmas environment.

Belt with Buckle

The belt will keep the costume properly fit with the body. Sash creates you feel like which you want to be with the dress.


A pair of green furry hand gloves will make your fingers like an animal. These gloves are the best part to touch someone like a monster.


A pair of red velvet socks are also included with the costume package. It will give you the foot like a Grinch and help you walk without any sound.

Nowadays, The Grinch has become a unique character of Halloween. So, this costume will help you to feel the flow of trends.

Grinch is a movie character who represents a ferocious beast. Since we like to scare our friends on Halloween or different occasions, this costume can be one of the best costumes. Grinch lived in seclusion on the hill, so wearing this dress would make us feel like a fountain inside. The character in the movie broke into a man’s house with his pet dog and stole food at Christmas. Grinch has been seen riding around in an ice country sled in various TV series or programs.

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